Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to Guru?

Let me preface this entire post by saying that Gail a.k.a. oogle makeup requested that I delve into my former profession as a model. I have so enjoyed being part of this community of all things makeup (about a year now but only became part of the conversation recently), but the strange bit is that it has been a huge learning curve for me even though my aforementioned profession required that I have makeup put on me almost everyday. Take the above picture for example. Gotta love the 1990s waif brows! I honestly don't think that I could recreate this look (yet) and wouldn't really know which colors to use. Yet, if I asked any number of bloggers or Youtube gurus they could tell me in a New York minute what colors to use. I might even be able to find a tutorial based on this look. Here are my questions for you:

What colors would you use to recreate this look?

Should I, in another post, tell you my experiences/reasons/theories as to why I, and most models (I think), don't really know how to apply makeup very well? I guess I am reluctant to go into it because I don't know if anyone really cares?


  1. not sure about the makeup used but the look is gorgeous! I think it would be really interesting to hear your feedback on makeup application as you mentioned at the end...


  2. I care! (obv) so more more more please!! It is a gorgeous look they did there, tho I'm not expert enought to guess sadly... That pic hasn't even dated if you ask me! xx

    Great start!

  3. I would love to read your thoughts about this topic. I agree with Gail that the look isnt that dated at all, but what do I know, LOL! I am in need of some make up help...Can you help me? Erica

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  5. Sara - I am going to try and recreate the look. We'll see how it goes:)

    Gail - I will definitely post and add more pics and my thoughts on the topic.

    Erica - I, like you, am just embarking on this makeup journey. Anything I can do...just ask

  6. I won't embarrass myself with an attempt to guess how the look was created, I'm so un-guru. :D

    Of course it would be very interesting to read about your modelling experiences and theories! I had always thought it was a given that models would be experts in makeup application, until I read this post. Models always have their makeup DONE FOR them. Oh, I had never thought of it that way!