Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alice at the CCO...a tale to tell...

As the journey continues with the 'make-up,' I kept seeing these youtube vids and blogs about the ubiquitous 'CCO.' For those that may not know, a CCO is the Cosmetic Company Outlet, which is primarily, I think, an Estee Lauder outfit. What one finds there are cosmetic products that have been discontinued and on reduction for 30% (I think), a deal for sure. So, being a good investigator, I Googled it. Turns out, I have one, albeit an hour or so away, but I have one. Woo Hoo! But then I thought, "it's make-up" and does one really drive an hour for *scrunches eyebrows/face/whole face* 'make-up?' It seemed all too excessive for me. but, secretly, I wanted to be in on the cool kids club and in the know.

So, beach plans, due to weather, had been dashed last weekend, and my boyfriend (yeah it was his suggestion as he is thoroughly supportive of my new interest/hobby) that we go to the CCO and the other outlets. Well, visions of sugar plums danced and pranced about in my brain on the way to the CCO. The hype and the pomp had got me for sure.

I did not make a bee line for the CCO and maybe I was secretly holding onto the anticipation. Instead, I went to Gap, Wilson's Leather, and a few others that I still have to post (will do so soon). As if I were a six year old at the gates of Disney World, I think I had a bit of the six year old shakes. Those who have spent time around kids this age might know what I'm alluding to here.

Visually, I will do my best to take you there, but I'll be brief. Upon walking in, it seems a bit small though I'm not sure what I had in mind, some kind of Forever 12 space (I know that it's Forever 21 but feel that it should really be renamed Forever 12...too long of a story to tell here). I'm not great with dimensions, but it was tiny. To the left frangrances...whatever....who cares....I only really wear Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely and MAC's Naked Honey fragrances anyway.... then some Estee Lauder and in the middle some gift with purchase/face/skin care and Bobby Brown and Clinique...again just wanting the MAC at the end of the day.

MAC is found, but I'd forgotten my copious notes taken from Enkore's youtube site concerning all of the different eyeshadow finishes yet vaguely remember to key in one, the Veluxe finish. Standing there, I honed in on one of the quads, I find Tempted (?), again much discussed, but ultimately, after much debating, decide on Stowaways. Is it the title, is it the colors, am I linguistically swayed? Stowaways it is because of the eclectic mix it contains: Awash (frost), Crest the Wave (frost), Satin Taupe (Frost), and Sea-Cadet (Satin). Then, onto the eyeshadows yet still befuddled and too much to sort through. I decided on getting something from the NeoSciFi collection probably because of my love of science fiction and the delight of having a veluxe pearl additon to my collection. I got Evening Aura a veluxe pearl finish and a pretty peach color. My visions of MSF's were completely dashed (I don't know how LisaLisad1 -youtube guru- finds so much at her CCO?) when the two sales ladies said that it had been months since they'd seen an MSF at their CCO I was confused and thought the CCO was a treasure trove of lost jewels. What gives? My very patient boyfriend, who has been very good to stay the half hour or so thus far, says "have you seen the brushes over here?"

Lo and behold, wrapped and propped on what seemed to be an artist's easel and canvas wrapped in Saran Wrap are all of these brushes from the different make-up companies. I zoom in on the MAC brushes, specifically on a squirrel brown blendy looking brush and ask the sales lady to see it. Like an informed consumer, I ask her if it's natural or synthetic. Well, she tells me that she doesn't think that MAC does 'natural' brushes. What??? Any credibility is lost at that point. Really? Apparently, I can't touch the one in the shrink wrap and know that I can't take the brush out of the plastic. Grr! She says it's flimsy, and I, for whatever reason, believe her and don't get it. I don't remember what brush it was:(

Because I get some redness on my face, I decided to pick up Clinique's Redness Solutions. Here is the company's claim: "Visibly reduces redness: For skins with persistent, visible redness." After some time, I'll do a more thorough review.

I think that my CCO might be the pits because it is pretty small and not well stocked, but, at least, now I know what it's like. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any double wear Estee Lauder eyeshadow pots. Perhaps some other time. I may be venturing to the CCO in the future, but, for now, I think I'll just stick to my local MAC counter.


  1. So, that's what a CCO is. Like you, I'd often heard CCO being mentioned on Youtube but because I don't live in the US, I was never sure what it was. What a lovely tale you've told! :D

  2. Witixicity, thank you for reading my very long post and hope I've enlightened you just a bit.

  3. Hi,

    I am sorry you didn't really find what you wanted. I guess you have to go and check sometimes as the stock comes and goes. I hope you will be luckier next time but you still have a nice haul :-)

  4. Hey Lorla, sounds like we have the same luck, LOL. My shopping tends to end up the same way yours did.

    As its been busy here, I just seen you gave me an award, Im rushing over to my blog right now to post it. Thanks so much and sorry it took me so long.

  5. Nefertari, I think I was more interested in the experience than the product so I'm pleased with what I got, which sounds kind of silly.

    Erica, yeah shopping adventures can be very hit or miss.
    No problem on the wait about your award as we all get very busy.

  6. Love your stories!

  7. At least you managed to pick up some good bargains, even if it wasn't a great branch! Looking forward to hearing a review of the Clinique stuff...

  8. It sounds similar to my first visit to a CCO. It's about six hours away from me but when I go to the beach, I check it out. I didn't get a lot of makeup but I did get enough perfume.

    Looking forward to reading how the products work out for you.

  9. We don't have CCO's in Canada so I loved this post! Always wondered.

    Great purchases!!!

  10. Anthem, thank you so much for the compliment.

    Oondine, I think I'll start this weekend with the new products. It's been a real mishmash of products lately.

    aestheticcoo, the CCO mystery is now solved and can check it off the list. LOL.

    Michelle, thanks for your contnued support:)