Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Haul

I apologize for the lack of posts, but this is the time of year when my job goes into overdrive...

It was my birthday this weekend, and I was given some gift cards to Belk and Sephora. This is just the first part of another posting that I'll get to very soon. I've also included some things that I picked up at Kohl's and Charlotte Russe. Nothing at MAC seemed to catch my eye, which maybe because I had been to Ulta earlier and bought some really lovely eyeshadows. In fact, I purchased six (will show you the makeup in a separate post).

I am most excited about this bird necklace by Fossil. It sits just below the collar bone and has a nice brushed/shiny metallic look to it.

I also went to Michael's and decided to get crafty and make a Sephora inspired brush holder.

Instead of just clear beads, I added some black river stones for a bit of dimension and am happy with the final result.
How do you store your brushes?


  1. Happy Birthday! Nice haul:) Love the river stones in your brush holder. Great idea.

  2. aestheticcoo, thank you! I kept vacillating back and forth between brown stones and black ones. Just need to get on with the makeup and clothes post:)

  3. Happy Birthday, my dear! I trust you had a lovely weekend. You've got some lovely accessories there! I especially love the Charlotte Russe earrings (the pair on the left).

    Well done with the brush holder! Nice touch with the black river stones. I've been meaning to get my brushes organised that way, but I keep procrastinating! :)

    Looking forward to your post on your makeup purchases!

  4. Amy, thank you!

    witoxicity, thanks and I did have a nice weekend. I am enjoying my splurge!

  5. happy bday girl!

    love the idea with the brushes!great!!


  6. great idea! looks cool

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    let he know what you think

  7. Hi, I've just seen your post. I really like the bird necklace and the brush holder! My brushes are just in a pencil pot, nothing special sadly... :-( lol :-)

  8. I love the bird necklace, its so pretty! I hope you had a lovely birthday x

  9. Hi! It's my first time on your blog, It's very nice!! :)

  10. I store my brush in the same way but with a round jar instead. Thanks for sharing your storage!