Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deva Care (tame your curls!)

Many of us with curly hair have been on an extremely long hunt for the perfect product that will define, defrizz, and create beautful curls. Well folks the search is over....

First, there's the shampoo, which is called No-Poo (how awesome is the name!)
Here's the blurb from the website:

DevaCare's non-lathering, conditioning cleanser creates the ultimate healthy, bouncy curls. Enriched with Vitamin C and orange peel extract, No-Poo provides maximum frizz prevention and slows color fading.

Often times we think that if a product isn't lathering and full of soapy suds, then it isn't properly washing our hair. Our hair isn't a pile of chothes, so we should stop using harsh sulfates on our hair.

Next, the conditioner, called One Condition, is wonderful as well. It too is a gentle, non-drying, way of taking care of curly hair. I've used this as a leave in treatment also.
Both products have a lovely scent.

DevaCurl - AnGell
The styling gel is the key here. I know what you may be thinking that curly hair and gels don't go well together. This product does not get sticky, stiff, or drying in any way. You do need quite a bit of it though. What I do is after washing and conditioning, I put about a quarter cup of this in my hair with my head turned upside down and gently scrunching it up from the ends to roots. You will need to fill up your palm with product. I don't towel dry my hair as the fibers in the towel can cause unnecessary frizz. Just use an old t-shirt to get the excess water out.

Then, I dry it with a diffuser. Because I get impatient, I use the high setting. Using a diffuser is important. Gently, if you need to, press the curls up with your hands or with the diffuser. In the Deva line, they do have a special diffuser, which looks like a giant hand. I haven't used it though.
The last step is the Set It Free spray.
This step sets the curls and prevents frizz. What I do is spray it a few times around my hair, then I do the same thing with my head upside down. Then is hold my hands about an inch or two from my scalp and softly shake. to loosen the curls. The is to set it free...

The website has a few videos and lots of information for you to check out.
I've bought these products from select salons, Ulta, and Amazon. The shampoo and conditioner are around $17 - $20 each, which I know seems like a lot of money. Amazon has a travel kit for aound $18, which comes with all four products I mentioned if you wanted to give them a test run.

The Deva Care products aren't just for curly hair. The company has a whole range of products.

Because the shampoo and conditioner can be expensive, I've been alternating these products with L'Oreal's new EverPure line of sulfate-free products, which are decent dupes. These retail for around $7 dollars each. I've only tried the shampoo and conditioner, but I like them so far.

Have you tried these products? What other products would you recommend?

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